For The Person Who Has Everything

Whoever said it’s better to give than to receive probably didn’t have to deal with long lines, mall parking, and department store elevator music. Still we agree – giving usually does feel a whole lot better.

But what about when your recipient is one of those people who already has just about everything under the sun? When you shop for them, your giving can often be met with half smiles and the phrase “did you save the receipt?”

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of Land Shark for those on your hard-to-shop-for list. We’re willing to bet they’ve probably never seen anything quite like it! Sure, if they’re an outdoor gear enthusiast, they’ve likely come across all sorts of space blankets and bivy sacs, but the Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter & Stealth Bag far surpasses all of those with its rugged design and ability to be used in any environment. And along with it being a unique gift, you can feel good knowing you’ve given your loved one has a tool that will keep them safe if they find themselves needing to be visible, warm, sheltered from the elements, or all three at once!

Right now for the holiday season we’re giving our fans a special offer that will save you $79.95! Buy two Land Sharks from now until the end of the year, and we’ll throw in a third absolutely FREE! Just use promo code “THREE4TWO” at checkout (you’ll need to put three Land Sharks in your cart for the promo code to work.)

Happy Holidays from Land Shark!

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