Land Shark Saved My Life!

In the category of outdoor survival gear and equipment, manufacturers make a lot of claims about their products.

  • “Our boots will get you up Everest with 50% less effort!”
  • “This energy bar makes you an instant rock climbing expert”
  • “Sleeping in our tent will make you look seven years younger and drastically improve your love life!”

Unfortunately, too often these claims turn out to be… less than accurate.
That’s why when we do find real-world examples of how gear has performed under stress and pressure, written by someone without any ‘skin in the game,’ as they say, serious outdoor enthusiasts take note.

Such is the case with the story of Police Officer Gerald Young. Young, along with a friend and his 10-year-old son, were heading to a camp site by canoe to meet a group of friends for a canoeing/camping trip in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. It was winter and the forecast called for snow showers and wind gusts up to 30 mph, with temperatures between 30-35 degrees. While navigating a large section of water, their canoe tipped soaking them and sending most of their gear and supplies floating down the river. The group fought to reach dry land as quickly as possible and immediately began fighting the onset of hypothermia when they reached the river’s edge. As Young recalled it:

“Now the little guy, who weighs 50 pounds and is just skin and bones… was shivering real bad. This was a big concern of mine. I was scared that if we didn’t do something fast he could end up in a bad way. I then remembered the Land-Shark Bivy. The Land-Shark Bivy is a thick, plastic, reusable bivy bag capable of blocking wind and elements. The material is similar to that of a Sportsman’s Blanket. We put him wrapped in the blanket inside of the bivy and cinched it up. We then added a body size chemical handwarmer to the bag to generate some heat for him…”

Young’s quick thinking and disaster preparedness planning went a long way toward saving the day. Thankfully he brought his Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter with him on the trip, which performed exactly as intended. He and his friend weren’t forced to find or build a shelter and consequently, the child didn’t have to spend any significant amount of time exposed to the elements while soaking wet. Young called it a “piece of vital gear” and credits the Land Shark with possibly saving the child’s life:

“The Land-Shark Bivy was another piece of vital gear. With this we didn’t have to take the time to rig up some sort of shelter to place the child in. We were able to place him in the blanket inside of the bivy. This bivy was a ready-made shelter that blocked out the wind and snow. It also reflected his body heat back to him and kept the heat in that was provided by the chemical hand warmers.”

No outrageous claims here. Just one man’s real world experience using the Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter. For Gerald Young’s full story, click here.