How It Works

The Land Shark is constructed of a micro-thin layer of aluminized film laminated to a resilient, composite reinforced, ripstop material. The aluminized coating reflects up to 80% of radiated body heat. The tightly-woven ripstop reinforcing seam construction resists tears and punctures, even from boots and sticks. The Land Shark is completely windproof, waterproof and acts as a vapor barrier. The Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter measures only 6” x 8” x 1” and weighs a mere 22 oz. (0.623 kg.). When needed, it opens to a windproof, waterproof, heat-retaining and roomy 38” x 80” (96.52 cm x 203.2 cm).



Military-Grade Construction

Tightly woven, ripstop reinforced waterproof seams reduce punctures or tears during use.

Composite Reinforced, Ripstop Material

Strengthens Land Shark reducing punctures and tears, even while user is wearing heavy boots.

Aluminized Film

Combats hypothermia and eliminates infrared emissions for stealth and evasion from high-tech, body heat detection equipment.

Heat Retention

A micro-thin layer of aluminized film reflects up to 80% of radiated body heat – highly effective in combating hypothermia on land or in the water with a life vest on.

Vapor Barrier

Land Shark is completely windproof and waterproof. This barrier prevents body oils, waste and blood from exiting the bag when used in water.

International Orange

Land Shark’s eye-catching color is visible to search & rescue teams from miles away. In water, it provides more than 20 times the visibility of a person in just a life vest.

An Instant Shelter

Simply cut a Land Shark along the seams and prop up its sides to create an incredibly visible, waterproof shelter, which also protects from the sun’s rays.

Reversible - Orange/Camo

The International Orange color makes an excellent emergency signal, readily visible to search & rescue teams from great distances. Digital Camo provides visual masking for avoiding detection.


Eyelets help attach the 550 paracord when making a shelter out of Land Shark.

550 Paracord Drawstring

Used to create a hood or to close the shelter entirely for maximum protection and body heat retention. In the water, the closed bag helps prevent water ingestion in heavy seas.

Sea-Dog® Clip and Survival Whistle

Integral tether easily links multiple survivors together during a survival situation at sea. Creates a larger target for search & rescue teams to locate on open water, as well as a whistle to attract attention from great distances.


​The following is a list of specifications and a summation of tests performed on the Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter. Tests are related to, but not limited to or directed by U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Specifications and test results have been provided by: Corporate Air Parts, Inc., Cadillac Products Packaging, and AeroSystems.

Specification / Test


Material thickness:10 Mils
Tensile strength:25 lbs / inch width (MD), 25 lbs / inch width (CD)
Tear force (notched):Warp >1600 grams, Fill >1600 grams
Color:International Orange / Digital Camo
Body coverage:Entire body and head
Seams class:Stitched
Seam strength:>50 lbs
Hardware ease of operation:Easy, even with gloves
Sized to fit:110 to 330 lb. person
Sized to fit:4’11” to 6’3” person
Room for flotation device:Yes
Thermal protection:Yes
Low temperature resistance:Remains Flexible No Delamination at -40° F/C, ASMT D1790
High temperature resistance:

Remains Flexible No Delamination, 4 Hours at (116º C)

In water performance:Able to put on within one minute. Able to remove within 30 sec
Oil resistance:Minor expansion of outer layer after submersion for 24 hrs. in diesel fuel. No degradation of material strength
Packaging / optional storage pouch:Vacuum Sealed / Zippered bag included
Pouch attachment:Loop / Hook / Clip / Hook and Loop
Instructions:2 pages printed inside vacuum sealed pouch
Cold environment test:Air body temperature was maintained at safe level during live tests within a controlled cold environment of 14° F / -10° C
Cold environment test:Water Body temperature was maintained during 90 minute live tests. Water temperature of 50° F / 10° C
Snow camping test:Overnight stay with sleeping bag and pad within Instant Survival Shelter. Body temperature maintained and less than expected condensation. Outside temperature in low 20°s F, and 9200 ft. altitude
Survival test:Overnight stay at 6700 ft. altitude inside Instant Survival Shelter with regular clothing.* No sleeping bag or other aid. Body temperature drop of only 0.9° F after 5 hrs. Body temperature was recorded every 30 minutes. Ambient temperature below freezing (30° F) throughout test period. Minimum breathing opening. Low condensation
Size (Packaged):6” x 8” x 1”
Size (Opened):38” x 80” (96.52 cm x 203.2 cm)
*T-shirt, sweater, wind-jacket, underpants, jeans, medium socks, hiking boots, gloves

Land & Sea

Don’t get caught outside (or floating in water) without a Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter!

“Find Shelter” are the two words that will keep you alive if you’re stuck outdoors this winter waiting for help. Exposure can become life-threatening hypothermia in minutes. It can start innocently enough: A drive in the country, a walk in the woods, a backcountry ski trip or even falling overboard on a fishing or boating trip. It could even be a common winter experience: Your car stalls, you get lost, or snowed in.

NOTE: The two photos show the older desert camo outside/orange inside. We have updated the desert camo to Digital Camo.

Land Shark for Survival at Sea

Outdoor survival experts agree: If you’re going to survive, you’d better find shelter FAST!

Even walking around will build up a sweat. Pretty soon you’re shivering. Suddenly, the conditions are ripe for hypothermia - the involuntary loss of core body heat. Windy, wet conditions, including perspiration, can quickly turn exposure into fatal hypothermia - even in mild temperatures. Hypothermia can kill in temperatures of 65-degrees Fahrenheit. Your best defense is to find shelter that’s warm, dry and out of the wind. Survival experts also warn against building a shelter that requires anything more than minimal effort, because it will only work up a chilling sweat and hasten the onset of hypothermia. Stored in its water, vapor and grease-proof vacuum sealed pouch, the ultra-lightweight Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter measures only 6” x 8” x 1” and weighs a mere 22 oz. (0.623 kg.). When needed, it opens to a windproof, waterproof, heat-retaining and roomy 38” x 80” (96.52 cm x 203.2 cm) thermal cocoon that provides full body coverage, even over heavy outerwear and boots. It then protects you from exposure and helps you maintain a life-sustaining core body temperature until help arrives.


What is Stealth and how can it help you survive?

The Land Shark is actually two different kinds of Instant Survival Shelter. Both sides provide you with the same lifesaving thermal protection, however, one is made to attract visual attention (International Orange), while the other keeps you hidden (Digital Camo).

Thermal cloaking keeps you hidden in plain sight.

Evading detection can mean the difference between life and death. Land Shark’s inherent thermal cloaking abilities reduce the user’s infrared signature to undetectable levels, even while using some of the most advanced commercial and military-grade infrared detection equipment.

Military and Soldier of Fortune tested: ZERO IR SIGNATURE

A 30-minute test using the highly rated FLIR, Inc. Model 2000AB helicopter-mounted IR detector, operating in the 8-14 micron wavelength range, failed to locate three individuals concealed in Land Shark bags. Soldier of Fortune magazine tested the Land Shark bag using the Life-Finder hand-held IR detector. The magazine’s testers were also unable to locate three individuals concealed in Land Shark bags during the 30-minute test. After testing, Soldier of Fortune magazine concluded that: “The new StealthBag is essential gear for those in a SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) scenario whose survival depends on their ability to hide not only from visual detection but [from] sophisticated infrared detectors as well.”

An increasingly important tool in your arsenal

With the increased use of infrared detection equipment by both military and law enforcement personnel, infrared cloaking capability has become an extremely important evasion tactic. The Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter reduces the wearer’s infrared signature to undetectable levels while remaining a compact and affordable survival tool.